Nice Dice

Nice Dice is a casino game played with five dice and follows the same three roll rules of Yahtzee. The game is made by Roxor Gaming for use by Internet casinos like Rules The rules are the same as Yahtzee, with the five dice scored according to the pay table below. If you're not familiar with Yahtzee, please see the rules below. Five ordinary six-sided dice are used. Poker dice may also be used. After making a bet, the player rolls the five dice. If the player rolls a five of a kind on the first roll, known as a "Nice Dice," he immediately is paid at 9 to 1 odds. Otherwise, the player may hold any dice he wishes, or none at all, and re-rolls the rest. Again, the player may hold any of the five dice he wishes and re-rolls the rest. After the third roll or if the player chooses to hold all five dice after the first or second roll, the dice will be scored according to the pay table below. Acknowledgements I would like to thank the following members of my Wizard of Vegas forum for their contributions to the analysis of Nice Dice — MattUK, CharliePatrick, ThatDonGuy, CrystalMath, and rsactuary. I also give credit and thanks to MattUK for the strategy above.
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